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  1. Are Military Wives the only people who are allowed to joined the site?

    While the site may be geared towards support for Military Wives, anyone who is a supporter of our Military and families are Welcome to join!

  2. I forgot my password, now what?

    When you go to sign-in to your account there will be a link to click saying that you forgot your password. Once you enter your email address that you've registered with, it will email you your password.

    Please be aware that it may take about 24 hours to receive the email.

  3. How do I volunteer to become a staff member? What are the requirements?

    Moderator's must be able to have a regular access to the internet and be willing to log-in to the site as often as they are able. Mod's will assist in making sure site rules are being followed. They will keep in contact with site admin(s) to help assure the site is running smoothly.

    Interested in volunteering to become a moderator? Fill out the application here:

    Moderator Application

  4. I no longer feel like this site is the right fit for me. How do I delete my account?

    On your profile, in the left-hand sidebar you will see a section titled "Site Memberships" with a little button. Click on that button and it will bring  you to the page to delete your membership!

    If you still are encountering problems, Please contact Jessica or any other site moderator and we will take care of this for you.

    If there is anything we can do to help better your MWC experience, please let us know. We're sorry to see anyone leave!

  5. I am having problems with another MWC member! What can I do?

    If you feel another member is being inappropriate please contact one of the site's moderators and explain the situation. We will then approach the situation as needed.

    If you believe that a current member is a spammer or does not contain a true link to the military, please use the "Flag Member" button on the member's profile!

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Site Support

  1. How do I become a Site Supporter?

    There are two ways that you can become a Site Supporter:

    1) Donation

    2) Make a Purchase through one of our Affilates.

  2. How much money does the site earn from my purchase(s)?

    The amount earned is different for each Affiliate. Some businesses donate a percentage of your purchase while others donate a flat fee.

    When you have made a purchase through a site affiliate you can contact Jessica, who will be able to tell you the amount earned for the website!

  3. What is the donation & purchase money used for?

    Military Wife Confessions is a non-profit site! The money earned goes towards site maintenance & updates!

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